QuickStart Working Sessions

Many companies dive into the solution before taking an objective, critical look at their marketing or channels problems. And, sometimes, the solution is treating the symptom, vs. the root cause. Consequently, the solution ends up short-sited and the problem is short-changed.

To help companies gain context from an experienced, outside-looking-in perspective, Routes2Market will lead an interactive “Working Session” with key marketing and channels stakeholders in a safe, productive environment for information sharing and collaboration.

These quick start, roll-up-your-sleeves, sessions are designed to enable our clients to step back from the day-to-day to:

  • Identify and qualify primary business challenges affecting their marketing and channels performance
  • Outline a roadmap to productively address those challenges
  • Button down business milestones for which marketing and channels solutions must be delivered

Routes2Market will deliver a concrete, pragmatic situation analysis to identify the primary opportunities to enhance your marketing and/or channels strategy and plans, and offer pragmatic, proven recommendations for how to get you there. In addition to the value inherent in the session, it’s a low-risk way for both parties to qualify the opportunity to work together.