• Target market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Identity & brand development
  • Company positioning & story
  • Messaging by customer function
  • Collateral content development
  • Web content development
  • Agency search & selection
  • Go-to-market strategies & programs
  • Marketing organization & leadership development

Marketing Programs IconMarketing Strategy & Programs

Whether you need to better understand customers, new market segment opportunities, or the competitive landscape, Routes2Market helps you:

  • Reduce trial and error & time to market
  • Increase customer satisfaction & intimacy
  • Position your company from strength

By helping you identify and articulate what your brand represents and how to differentiate your company and offering effectively to decision makers within the buying process, Routes2Market helps you:

  • Fortify brand continuity, clarity and preference
  • Fine tune the sales cycle for your products and services
  • Build market share

For those who need to formulate a compelling go-to-market strategy and program, Routes2Market helps you:

  • Raise customer and business partner satisfaction
  • Maximize revenue
  • Minimize cost of sales

For those who need to find, evaluate and choose outside marketing agencies and resources Routes2Market helps you:

  • Accelerate the process, ultimately saving you time and money

Marketing challenges that keep our clients up at night include:

  • How are we positioned vis-à-vis our competitors in the eyes of the customer?
  • Who are we and what differentiates us; is it compelling?
  • What does, and should, our brand communicate?
  • Where should we go next?
  • Which customer segments represent our greatest opportunities moving forward.
  • What messages are most compelling and how do we tailor them to each decision maker in the buying process?
  • Do we have the right resources and tools to help us get our story out cost effectively?
  • Is our go-to-market strategy aligned with our business strategy?
  • What does our sales force need to sell more effectively?
  • What is the best way to develop and engage our marketing team?